Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Yesterday I turned 26. Although there were moments of excruciating boredom, (another blog in itself) one the whole it was a good day. Hubby and Mia made it special with sweet gifts, a nice dinner & an early turn-in and watching a movie in bed. I am not all that excited about turning 26. This has nothing to do with my thinking that I am getting old, etc. It is much more an aesthetic thing. Saying I'm 25 sounds better than 26. I believe it to be a result of slight OCD and 26 not be divisible by 5..yes I know = )
Yesterday I did find one of my "life to do lists." I wrote it at 17 when I was finishing up high school. I wrote where I would be by certain ages. Although I have a few extra people in my life that I didn't see being here yet, everything else is sort of where I thought it would be. With one minor exception, that I don't or haven't lived abroad. I'm still working on that one. Maybe that one will be before I'm thirty!
Anyhow, in lieu of my turning 26, I thought I would blog about 26 of my current favorite things.

1) Chi Hair Straightener (Hot Pink) Got it for my birthday with help of some birthday cash from family and 2 coupons from Ulta in this Sunday morning's paper! You won't regret the investment
2) Tori Spelling's Jewelry Line for QVC. I am a little obsessed with vintage inspired costume jewelry, and this cocktail ring is just perfect!
3) Grey Gardens with Drew Barrymore & Jessica Lange I cannot make my brain understand that Drew is not Little Edie
4) Pandora...I love my Pandora with the fire of a thousand suns! If you have not experienced the wonder that is Pandora...go directly to this site. Its an online radio station that only plays songs based on your preferences. It Will change your life!
5) Bath Junkie lotion..I blame my Cousin B for showing me the wonder that is Bath Junkie. For my birthday, she took me there and I got the best clean smelling, beaufiully Tiffany's blue-box hued lotion. Oh how I love it. It is a good thing that Oklahoma doesn't have a Bath Junkie or I would go much too frequently.
6) Half Priced Bookstores. I believe that I have blogged before on my love for all Half Price Bookstores and how I plan all trips to Texas around them. Last week Hubby informed me that OKC has a half price Books right by my favorite mall. We went, it was heaven...I spent $4 total for 4 books..
7) This Audrey Hepburn print..I found it on Etsy and purchased it for my vanity table. It was screaming for classic Audrey. To find this print or the many others that the seller makes, you can go here.

8) Twitter--totally obsessed. Love that I can tweet from my cell phone. Any site where I can read what Anderson Cooper, Paula Deen & Elizabeth Taylor are doing..sign me up!
9) How I Met Your Mother--Hubby & I watch this show almost every night. I am sort of married to Marshall in a weird way. hehe
10) Coach Rain Boots-These are in no way frugal but I love them so much. I wanted some rain boots that would last and not make me look like one of my soreity girl students but were still cute enough that I didn't look like I was wearing my father's duck hunting boots...enter fabulous Coach Rain Boots!
11-12) Texas Tech/OU Football- Its September and that mean college football is here! I love college football more than I can express. Growing up in the Big 12 conference just intensifies my love. Although Hubby & I are Tech alums we do cheer for my current school when they aren't playing our Red Raiders. I cannot even begin to express my excitement for Miss Mia to put on her Red Raider cheerleader outfit this Saturday! Wreck 'Em Tech & Boomer Sooner! (She's going to be so confused!)
13-14) These two could easily take up more than a million of my favorite things...they were two of my first true loves- my niece and nephew. My nephew is now a teenager and my niece is approaching 11, oh, how that breaks my heart. However, here is some of their latest pictures and it proves that they are two of the cutest kids..this photo does nothing to display just how vibrant their personalities are or what fabulous kids they are!
15) Margaret & Helen's blog--My Cousin B texted me one day with the following.."OMG, we have a blog." Once I read it, I could see it was true that in forty years, she and I will have a similar blog ranting and raving, being eccentric old women, and talking politics!
16) All Nigella Lawson Cookbooks...still reading through the cookbooks and marking new recipes to try
17) Vera Wang flip flops from Kohl's. I bought some a few days ago on sale for $5 & I love them very much!
18) 75-80 degree days...thank you Lord that Fall weather is here!
19) Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds...period, enough said!
20) Elizabeth I HBO miniseries with Helen Mirren..she is just fabulous as was the lady she portrays
21) For the past few weeks, I have been studying a Kay Authur Bible study, "The Holy Spirit Unleashed In You." It is such a good study! I love her ideas for how to study the Bible. I bought mine off of (Much cheaper than in stores and the shipping is really cheap!)
22-23) How can I not have these two? They make me cry (mostly for good reasons), they make me laugh and keep me centered..I have a sign on the wall of my study carrel that says 'For My Family' with this picture next to it. While I feel guily many nights or days for not spending those moments with them, I know that in the end, I'm doing all of this for the betterment of our little crew.
24) Tutus & Turtles is one of my new favorite blogs. I'm not even sure how I found my way there, but her pictures and ideas for kids make me smile and inspire me to try new things.
25) Williams Sonoma Home- I spend way too much time planning & redecorating future prjocects with the help of the beautiful things on this site.
26) The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo. I LOVE this show. I wish I had a live 24 hour stream to this show. It's Buh-nanas. (If you've seen the show, you will know that Bananas is one of her words for amazing, etc. I asked Miss Mia if something was Buh-nanas and she informed me that it was Buh-pawpaw..I think she's brilliant and Loves her Pawpaw..hehe)


Brittany said...

totally hear you. Turned 26 back in February and I still told someone the other day I was 25...eesh. Not all that thrilled about this age.

thesmarttart said...

LOVE the boots!