Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grateful Friday

Its Grateful Friday...just a few hours earlier! I am leaving tomorrow evening and thought I would write tonight! This week has been so great! We spent last weekend with Hubby's family celebrating his sister's wedding shower. We had a great trip, spent quality time with family, spent blissful hours in the pool, and even better hours at the new Fairfield Outlet Mall!

This week I am grateful for:
1) New Coach messenger bag! (OK, maybe grateful is a strong word when discussing a bag, but I LOVE it! I have been looking for a good alternative for hauling my books and laptop around that wasn't a backpack. I'm 26 and a Ph.D student, I think the backpack days are over. So I found this amazing black Coach messenger bag for 75%! Yeah, it is now in my possession!)
2) My daughter's love of shoes...while out shopping, we hit a few stores for her and found lots of cute shoes! She loves them and even changes out pairs throughout the day! She is now the proud owner of a few pairs of boots, couple of mary janes, and a pair of really cute little Sketchers!
3) My sweet West Texas mother--this week we got a few care packages in the mail..requesting a visit soon, and filled with encouraging letters for me while I study, pictures, treats for Hubby, and a home-made book for Mia. My mom made the sweetest book for Mia about chickens from old magazines that she and Dad used to buy their flocks. Mom then put Mia's pictures throughout with the sweetest captions!
4) A free weekend! Now, this has yet to happen, but I am banking on it being amazing. Our church is having the ladies retreat this weekend. We're staying at the new Embassy Suites--just the ladies. No hubbies, no kids...just the girls and Jesus! I am soo excited--more details to come later!

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