Friday, September 11, 2009

Grateful Friday

I haven't posted a Grateful Friday in a while...but this week I have felt overly grateful. We started the week out by FINALLY getting a new camera. After months of research and watching sales, we chose a Canon Rebel XS. Hubby is a former photographer, took classes throughout high school and even a couple in college. I had no idea how much he knew until he pulled out his old Canon and then showed me everything he needed to develop his own film. I was impressed!
So we took our new camera on a test run on the OU campus & of course used our cute Mia as our subject. Hubby can't find his edition of photoshop for the Mac so we are going through storage boxes trying to find it so that we can further edit the pictures. Precious little face!

Without further ado..for this week I am grateful for:

- My healthy, growing girl. Miss Mia is learning new words, attitudes, and sayings by the day. She is constantly climbing on everything, making up stories, learning possession of objects, asking questions & the like. My favorite moment from the week is when I was reading her a bedtime story. We were reading "Goodnight Texas," and one of the pages says, "Goodnight oil fields, country roads and pick-up trucks." Mia pointed to the pick-up and said "Pawpaw! Pawpaw's truck..." and then of course..."Chickens!!"
- A most fabulous church family..they have been so uplifting to us in the last few months. Everyday we are more and more uplifted by their presence!
- Fall weather! Bring on the 75-80 degree days...I'll take them any day! Of course with the fall weather, comes Fall football. I'm grateful for my Red Raider win!

See all the places we can strolling on a nice Fall day?

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Thanks for following my blog. I awarded you with the Honest Scrap award. Check out my entry today for the details.