Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Tea Party for Ava

Today Miss Mia and I had a tea party in honor of a very special young lady, Ava Rosemeyer. I have blogged before about visiting Ava's mother's blog. The blog is beautiful and heart breaking. I have stopped reading the blog at night because I have to hold my Mia after reading her words. This week would have marked Ava's 6th birthday and friends, family and admirer's of Ava's life are having tea parties in her honor.

Our tea party was supposed to be outside, but the weather did not cooperate. In fact it down right poured and thundered, so we moved a quilt to the living room and had just as much fun. Miss Mia and I were joined by a few of her "VIP" guests, including her Care Bear and Backyardigan Tyrone.
Our tea party fixings included goldfish, toasted baguette, brie, various fruit, tea and some yummy milk. I'll let you guess which were Mia's suggestions! = ) This picture breaks my heart a bit too. I love her eyes looking upward.
Eating a few more snacks..
Bunny's special seat at the party
Miss Mia posed this picture herself. She took Tyrone (whom she calls 'Mymone.') and told him to 'cheese.'
She couldn't hold back any longer. Twas the end of our dainty tea party.
This beautiful illustration was done in Ava's honor by Mandy at Belle & Boo. Mandy has done 5 special prints for Ava called the "Super Princess" Series. I have ordered a few of them for Mia's big girl room.
Ava's mother's blog can be found here. I urge all mothers, sisters, friends, whomever, to read some of the words that Sheye writes. I promise it will make you hug your children a little longer, linger in sweet moments a second more, whisper I love you a few more times, and not take a second of their sweet lives for granted.

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Sheye Rosemeyer said...

With enormous love and thanks for taking the time to remember Ava. It means so much more than I can say here :)
Love Sheye xx