Monday, August 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Miss Mia & I have made it back from our week's vacation in Texas. It was very relaxing..oh how I already miss the pool!

Mia & I weren't in Houston but a few minutes before she decided to hit the pool. The pool was such a big hit. She swam at least twice a day every day we were there. She loved swimming at night the most when the pool lights were on.

Our adventures took us to the Houston Children's Museum and the Natural Science Museum. She loved them both.

The Children's Museum was such fun for Mia but a bit of sensory overload for the rest of us! The second floor of the museum is only for children two and under. The bottom floor had a "Vetsmart," HEB, post office, paint gallery, fire station, the works. Mia most enjoyed shopping at the grocery store and putting the puppies in their kennels at the vet clinic. She even climbed into one of the kennels. It was quite comical.

At the Natural Science Museum, we had a wonderful private tour from my soon to be brother-in-law's roommate. We saw an exhibit on diamonds (LOVED!) and then the new terra cotta warrior exhibit. I did my senior thesis for anthropology on the dig. It was amazing! Miss Mia thought all the horses were cows, and proceeded to shout "Booo!" (supposed to be moo" at all of them!

The following day day we went to try on flower girl dresses for the upcoming wedding.

My little girl Loves puffy, girly dresses!

This dress was the winner, only we are putting it with a black sash. She will be the cutest flower girl ever! Can't wait to see her that day!
The plane rides were great, Mia found the turbulence exciting- shouted "wee" every time we hit a bump.
Upon our arrival back to Oklahoma, we were both worn out. Many naps have transpired in the last few days. It's good to be home...

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