Monday, January 10, 2011

Crafting Progress

A small update on the progress of my first craft project of the year. Here are the postcards that I have chosen to use for the vintage postcard calender that I have previously written about. These postcards are from my collection that has accumulated over the past few years. My favorites are the postcards that were sent to members of my family. The postcards from Washington DC and Egypt were sent to my great-great aunt Catherine from an aspiring suitor! Oh the scandal! In case you are wondering, she never married him. In fact she never married. But he sent her lovely postcards from his travels and always ended with, "I see your face in every flower and moonbeam!" Pretty heavy stuff for 1927. The other postcards are to various people that I have no relation to but found in antique stores across the country. A strong coincidence is that two of the cards (from Venice) are sent to the same lady within a month of each other to a lady in Roby, Texas. For those of you who aren't familiar with the thriving metropolis of Roby, its a small town of less than 1500 in West Texas. I bought one of the Venetian postcards to the Robyite in Lubbock and another in Holland, Michigan! Isn't that weird? Not sure how the one ended up in Michigan.

Now that I have selected the postcards, I need to buy my index cards and date stamp, stamp the dates on the cards, and then arrange in a chosen basket. I am very excited to see how it all turns out.

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Lauren Hairston said...

How very cool about your great-great aunt's postcards. They sound quite romantic! I am finally following you--I thought I was this whole time and kept wondering why you didn't post anything. The situation has been remedied! I like your new blog design, by the way.