Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring..In Videos & Pictures

Remember back in January, my solemn oath to blog more...I think we can see how well that has panned out. But life has been ever so busy around these parts & I am trying. I've made notes in journals & notebooks of things to blog about or what needs photographed because it was a good recipe or craft. Teaching full time, managing the household & every day life has just caused the lack of time to sit in front of my computer and blog.

So maybe it will be easier to describe, through pictures and a video or two, what we have been up to. I'm also hoping that with this three day weekend, I can post some of the fun crafts Miss Mia & I have been up to because they really are cute!

First picture- Our entire household participated in some way in the Houston Rodeo & Cook-off. Hubby's work sponsored one of the cook-off tents, which gave us & 2 of our besties free tickets, free food & free beverages & free tickets to the rides. It was so much fun! We tried fried oreos, which although lethal are heaven sent! We also took Miss Mia & her cute cowgirl self to the rodeo, stock show & petting zoo. Just loved this picture of my little cowgirl in boots, hat & plaid Ralph Lauren dress (that her Mommy scored for $5!) & a book about animals. We used the book as a sort of I spy game for the petting zoo.

Second picture- In March, when I was on Spring Break, Miss Mia & I loaded up the Jeep and headed to West Texas for a few days with Nana & Pawpaw. Pawpaw has recently acquired about 10 new horses & after the rodeo, Miss Mia is all about them! So we took her out to the pastures to feed them apples, oats and carrots.

Here is our little horse feeder on the back of my Grandad's pick up truck. I need to peruse the archives because somewhere is a picture soo similar of me about the same age on the back of the same truck! It is scary how much can can look like my younger self sometimes.

In April, we took a family camping trip to Lake Somerville. Miss Mia spent the night in Granma & Granpa's trailer. Hubby & I camped in the tent fairly old school, but with air mattresses. (I'm only going to go so far!) It was a good weekend for camping. The nights were cool & we swam and took the canoe out in the lake. Very fun but tiring weekend.

As for the promised video, for Valentine's day, Hubby came home with mint chocolates. Which would have been good enough..but then he whipped out 2 tickets to one of my FAVORITE singers! My love for all things British runneth over into musical acts. I discovered Bobby Long over a year ago through friends and a recommendation in an article of a singer I already liked. Bobby came to Houston last September, but we were out of town for the show, thus I had to go this time. Hubby took me early, we went to my favorite restaurant Downtown & then headed off to the concert. At the concert, my ever chatty self befriended Bobby's merchandise guy and learned that Bobby would be staying around after the concert. He put on a wonderful show & then, just like the merch man promised, we got to meet Bobby. He signed by album (yeah, I bought the vinyl like an old-school nerd!) and took pictures and talked with us.

So for those of you who haven't heard of Bobby Long, let me help you out with one of my favorites:

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