Monday, January 3, 2011


Since I was young, my parents have called me their "little snatcher." With only one sibling, eight years older than myself, in many ways I was like an only child. I was and am physically similar to my mother, except a MUCH taller version. My personality, however, is the spitting image of my father. Fairly short fused, very sarcastic, somewhat quick witted, and in love with all things old and historical. Some of my earliest memories are going to antique shops when I was 4 or 5 and helping my parents look for treasures. These treasures included old books, old toys from their childhood and various odds and ends. When I got into junior high and high school, my room was adorned with pictures of my parents, grandparents and great grandparents as children and young adults along with other favorite antiques. My friends always thought it was funny that I would have antiques and old history books next to posters of my favorite athletes or other more current teen-age pursuits.

My earliest antiques were usually those that I found throughout our house. Maybe Mom & Dad didn't really need that box on the coffee table. It was obviously better destined for my room and on the top of my antique trunk.

Here I am years later, and I am still "snatching" from my parents. Over Thanksgiving, I snatched a few new items for my bookshelf at home from my parents room. In my defense, they didn't even notice it was gone until I fessed up! So, what did I take? I took my Grandad's old camera. I wanted it for several reasons.

One being, its a beautiful peace, good conversation starter, etc. Two, it belonged to my Grandad when he was young. It was the camera that he used on his honeymoon with my Grandmommie. Thirdly, I played with this camera all growing up. It was the camera we played with as kids when we visited the grandparents farm. Its my new favorite thing to have in my house and on our bookshelf.

Happy snatching!

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