Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is that a light I see?

Dear blog,
Please forgive me for my continued absence. I do think about you everyday. I check my favorite bloggers daily. I just don't have a lot of free time on my hands. Most of my free time is spent trying to get a little sleep, folding the mountain of laundry in my utility room, or trying to raise my child. Life is beyond hectic, but tomorrow will hopefully be my last written exam. Tomorrow is my last written, and luckily it is in my major field. My brain is beyond mush right now. Hopefully, with a good night of sleep, all will be restored and I will be able to sit and right beautiful essays for six hours. Next, I am hoping that I will have passed all of my written exams and then can move on to the oh so dreaded oral examination. I get nauseated thinking about the entire process, but I have to pass this next one to get to the next.
I do apologize for the boring Comprehensive Exam talk, but my head does not know how to talk about anything else right now. I have found lately that I cannot have a conversation without bringing Comps into the mix. I find myself introducing myself, "Hello, I'm Ashley, and I'm taking Comps right now. Please don't judge me yet, and wait for a better first impression once I am not wondering the extent to which the American Revolution was truly revolutionary."
My poor house is in total neglect, my baseboards are missing my loving scrubs. Did I mention, there is a pile of laundry in my house that is higher than most points in Texas? Did I also mention that I forget what more than 4 hours of continuous sleep feels like?
Did I also mention, that while I do study, basically non-stop, that I have a bit of a internet deal finding addiction? Bought a few cheap finds off Anthropologie, Miss Mia got a $11 Michigan State Cheerleader Outfit
(Makes her Grandpa 'Paddles' who is a Spartan alum very happy), and then found a few to die for pieces of jewelry that some of my family and friends will find in their Christmas stockings! = )
So dear blog, please do not give up on me, for I will return. Hopefully with more fun and exciting stories to tell. Even better yet, I'm hoping to get a coupon class going soon both in person and a web-based version. But for now, my notes need one last glance over before tomorrow...

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