Sunday, March 7, 2010


Please don't give up on me. The posts haven't been priority of late with Comprehensive Exams coming up. I take my first this Friday. I am nervous, anxious and just so ready to get them over with. Hopefully it won't get too bad and the ulcers won't flare up. Please send a prayer in my direction, especially for my family who also have to endure Mommy or wife, or daughter, or aunt, or BFF taking Comps this month!

Oh, and did I mention that in the midst of this madness, I am doing a diet detox? (And putting Hubby on one too?) Hubby has even started a blog to document the pain that an opinionated West Texas wife does to a man. You can read his blog at

I have so many good things to post when I do come back. I've been keeping photos..Miss Mia is in the midst of potty training, the weather is finally warm enough to play at the park, and I have made some truly amazing creations in the kitchen..But all of that will have to wait...

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