Thursday, April 8, 2010


Oh, where do I begin? I think there are too many changes happening in our world to even begin. So here is a sort of "David Letterman style" top ten events/changes in our household:

10) I finally joined the rest of civilization and watched the first Twilight movie. I was fully prepared to judge and of course it bit me on my backside and it was that horrible. (I promised my nephew that I would read the books with him. So I decided to watch the movie first, see what I was in for. I am really judging myself for not hating it more.) = )

9) Our church is doing a garage sale as a fundraiser for their summer mission trip, and I have decided that it is my mission to personally donate most of our house! = ) Seriously, our garage is beyond full of items. How did we get this much stuff in only 6 years of marriage? Especially given the fact that when we got married, all Hubby brought was his clothes and literally 2 small paper boxes of miscellaneous stuff.

8) The class I TA for have their research papers due this week. You cannot imagine the belly-aching that a 10 page paper can cause. I awoke this morning to literally over 25 frantic e-mails. (Papers are due today) I have been meeting 2-4 hours every single day with students. I am thinking about recording my responses and posting them on you tube because I am saying the same thing over and over. With papers due today, that means that I have 90+ papers to grade..that's 900 pages (turn around time, one week!)

7) Went to West Texas for a great Easter weekend with my parents, grandparents, & brother's family. Such a great visit. Funny to watch my highly competitive family play Cranium. Even more fun when you put my mother and Hubby on a team. Oh, the horrors! hehe

6) Miss Mia has decided that the "terrible twos" can be quite fun. She has announced in the last few weeks that she "will never sleep ever!" (actual quote) and when she got in trouble and I told her I would spank her or put her in time-out she said, again direct quote, "well, then just spank me then!" Oh Lord, come to my rescue! I have since seen her put her bear and gator in time out. I asked her what they did to earn the punishment, and she said "gator looked at me funny."

5) I won one of the big fellowships that I really wanted for this summer. All of July, Miss Mia & I will live in Lubbock as I research for my book. I am so excited!

4) My Duke Blue Devils won the National Championship & saved my bracket!!! Thank you Duke..and thank for my whole $5 in "winnings" from Hubby! haha

3) Finished my Comps- and we all survived (thank you Lord!)

2) I have an interview to teach with a small college in Texas (very exciting)

1) We are moving to Houston at the end of June!

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Brittany said...

Holy cow! What in the world, girl! You've gotta catch me up on what's going on with the move!