Friday, January 29, 2010

Random Things that Make Me Happy

We are all stuck in the house. Oklahoma is in a "state of emergency." I cannot study for my exams as Hubby and Miss Mia are home with me and are not exactly "study friendly" companions. But that's OK.. With snow drifts in our back yard over 3 feet high already and more to come, I thought I would stop cleaning and just write out a few random things that make me happy. (OK, if you want to know the true thought process...watching snow fall, snow flakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes, me possibly twirling as if on an Austrian mountaintop...and alas, this post came into being. Please no judging!)

1. lemons (smell, zest, cooking, in pie...all good)
2. Bravo Tv (again, no judging)
3. Butterscotch fondue
4. funny text messages
5. Clean Sheets
6. Smell of Mia's shampoo
7. Fabulous sunglasses
8. Dark chocolate
9. Great boots
10. Degas artwork
11. Yankee Cotton Candles
12. Smart water
13. Body pillows
14. Leather journals
15. Sonic diet cherry limeades (oh, darn you snow, now I really want one)
16. Re-writing notes (no judgment)
17. Anderson Cooper reporting in Armani t-shirts (they grant me crazy chuckles!)
18. Honeycrisp apples
19. Smell of pine-sol
20. Singling Taylor Swift songs in the car with Miss Mia (we can do a mean 15 and You Belong with Me)

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