Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Part I

As promised, I am finally getting around to writing about our many Christmases. When you have a big family that lives 4, 7, 16, & 20 hours away, you have to improvise on the holiday celebrations.
Hubby, Miss Mia & I celebrated our Christmas early in December with our few gifts, stockings, and some treats.
Then came Miss Mia's school party. We made gingerbread men and ornaments.
She enjoyed the chocolates given to her by her teacher more than anything. Later that evening we left for Texas for Christmas with my parents. We were lucky to get there the night before, because a few hours after we arrived, the craziest snow storm I have ever seen started.
We got almost a foot of snow-which is just unheard of for West Texas. Here is my parents front porch bench covered in the snow on Christmas Eve morning.
In my family, we have always opened gifts on Christmas Eve. Since my brother's family couldn't get to us because of the weather, we had to improvise the holiday festivities. Miss Mia was so excited about her Christmas presents from Nana & Pawpaw that included this baby and a beautiful baby bed.
On Christmas Day we went to my Grandmommie's as is custom. We walked the twenty feet from my parents to my Grandmommie's. The weather and snow was still too bad on Christmas day that only my uncle could visit us. The lack of people did not deter Miss Mia's enjoyment. In fact, I think she may have reveled in being the only small child. She got these adorable owl pajamas from Grandmommie, and the moment she opened them HAD to put them on.
The day after Christmas, enough snow had melted that my brother's family was able to come visit. Hubby & my neice & nephew built this great snowman, complete with cowboy hat and big ears. (Big ears are a trait on my father's side of the family!)
Miss Mia & her cousins exchanged gifts and she got this adorable outfit.
Then Miss Mia insisted on taking pictures under the tree. So we put her in and my neice in their matching shirts from Nana for picture time. Miss Mia even staged this picture, wanting to sit with backs to Cousin K!
With all the picture taking, Miss Mia grabbed Nana's camera and instructed everyone to "CHEESE!!"

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