Monday, April 6, 2009

Night on a Train

Confession: Hubby and I have never been away from our 16 month old daughter at the same time for an entire night. That was until this weekend.

I had a paper accepted to present at a history conference in Texas. It just happened to be in Lubbock this year and thus I scored free babysitters in my parents who were more than excited to keep Mia all by themselves. (And thus away from my eyes as they give her endless supply of candy!) Hubby had one more day of vacation to use before June and really wanted to go.

I get my conferences paid for due to my fellowship here at the history department, and wanted to find somewhere fun for us to stay. My hubby is such a little nerd that he actually subscribes to train enthusiast magazines, and thus I decided that we would stay in a Lubbock B&B that offers a converted caboose car as a room.

It was so much fun! They did a really great job of the renovation. We had our own shower and bathroom along with a queen bed, air conditioning, and a small living/eatery area. Along with getting to stay in the caboose, we got to see our dear friends, old professors, and of course eat yummy Mexican food!

When we got to my parents house we found most things still intact and no major sugar rushes. She really enjoyed helping her Pawpaw gather the chicken eggs! Every bird we see is now a chicken.

Now that we're back, life is back to warp speed. I am currently looking for a new sewing machine and digital camera. Any suggestions? = )

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