Thursday, April 23, 2009

Neglected Blog

Oh my poor neglected blog..April is always such a killer. Although I have still not found a camera, thanks to my laptop's cruel decision to die in the midst of my semester; I, being a history Ph.D student, had to invest in the computer and not the camera. So now I am saving once more for a new camera. I guess in the long run, this gives me more time to look through all the consumer reviews. I promise to return to this blog soon and post fabulous new tips, craft projects, and most importantly frugal finds as soon as this month has left me behind. (and most likely in the fetal position!)
But in case you're wondering, here is what the last two weeks have been like:
-Major wildfires in the small towns around Norman (Being in charge of all outreach for our small church, I organized 2 caravans of cars/trucks/UHauls to take everything we could get our hands on to the fire vicitms.)
-2 Major papers due. One on the British Monarchy and the other on the a prolific America West historian's bio/historiography
-1 very big Awards Banquet that must be planned, programs created, contracts signed..and a speech prepared (as I am the President)
-1 Language Proficency Exam looming over my head...studying fervently..must pass before I can take my Comprehensive Exams in the Fall
-4 church cleanings...this was our month to clean the church all month, prepare communion, and bake the birthday cake for the fourth Sunday luncheon
-10 billion loads of laundry (I think we must all be going through 7 outfits a day..or maybe the dog is wearing some around--the dirty clothes are breeding!)

But I promise to return soon..with pictures, better tips, and so much less stress!

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