Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Free Nike Shoes!

My sweet hubby is a Coke Drinker. ( I feel this is like some kind of confession!) Along with my sweet hubby are my parents and grandparents. A few years ago, my husband began saving the codes off Coke b/c he wanted a Wii. He finally got his own Wii and was left with many points. So, knowing that his wife needed a new pair of shoes, he cashed in some of his points for a Nike giftcard. We both got $65 shoes and got free shipping. The shoes were totally free! My sweet mother sends us codes once a month from her work, home, and my grandparents.

It's really not a bad deal. If you are going to drink Coke anyway, why not get some freebies? We've also cashed out points for restaurant gift cards to use for ourselves, or give as gifts. Not a bad way to get some Free shoes!


50s Housewife said...

Wow! I have my family collecting coke points for me too, but they seem to be accumulating so slowly. I can't imagine actually being able to get a new pair of shoes (or a Wii)! That's great!

Milla said...

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