Saturday, February 28, 2009

Frugal Fitness

My training is going really well. I'm working out muscles I forgot I had. A lady from church told me I should blog about frugal fitness because she didn't believe you could lose weight or eat right without spending more money. Here are some of my tips.

1) I don't pay for gym memberships or a personal trainer. (Now granted my girlfriend, who is training to be one, gave me a list of things I should do.)

2) I buy fitness DVDs at Used book stores or on Itunes for less than $2. I've bought several Biggest Loser DVDs that are usually $14 a piece, for less than $3 each. (You can also use fitness videos on Youtube!)

3) I use to food journal and get fitness tips. The best part is, the site and complete access is totally free!

4) I don't like owning bulky fitness equipment. The only things I have are a few hand weights ranging from 5-10 pounds. Bought all of them at a 75% off sale at Tuesday Morning.

5) I buy most of our fruits and veggies frozen with coupons. Seasonal fruits we buy at our local farmer's markets. They sell in bulk and so much cheaper. We even have our favorites who we know make the hottest peppers, or sweetest peaches.

6) I do easy things on hard days. When I'm really stressed, the dog and I go out for runs. There is a kids park about a mile away. I put Mia in her little red wagon and haul her down to the park. She is really fond of my trips to the park.

7) Eating better, also means eating out way less--saving so much money!

Eating well and working out really doesn't have to cost a lot of money. The work is paying off. I'm over twenty pounds lighter, and down 2 pant sizes!


Summer said...

Way to go woman! Sounds wonderful! You can give me work out tips when I become unpregnant! I keep telling myself that I will be getting plenty of exercise with 2 four year olds and a baby but am still willing to exercise too. I bet Mia loves the wagon rides. Cutter and Carsyn ask me to pull them in their wagon but we are talking almost 80lbs plus the wagon. I don't make it far. LOL! Hope all other things are going well.

lfhcreative said...

You go girl! That's awesome! And umm, why were we not anywhere near this thrifty, health conscious, or sensible in college? :)