Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Year of Crafts

A few days ago, I wrote that one of my resolutions was to make more handmade in the following year. As I was surfing the blogworld, I found a few women who broke down their resolutions into monthly increments. I thought this was such a great idea, especially when making things. So here is my breakdown of things to make in 2011:

January- Vintage Postcard Calender- such a great idea & so easy!
February- Camera Strap- my camera strap is in serious need of love. Hubby has requested that I not make the fabric too girly, as he takes lots of pictures with the camera too!

March- Cover for my sewing Machine- My poor little machine needs a cover so badly. I love how Jade over at Chikaustin made this cover with vintage pillow cases & other fabric.

April- Make homemade roast chicken. I have always wanted to roast a chicken and create my own stock. I will do this! Plus, Nigella (oh, yeah we are so on a first name basis) has the best recipe!

May-Entryway- Our entry way needs some TLC. All we have in it at the moment is an old church mirror. I am looking at antique stores and thrift stores for an old metal R...I have plans!

June- Miss Mia's wall art- Miss Mia's big girl room has been in owls. With the new house, she has extra wall space and needs a big statement piece. I have a large canvas that I got for 75% off at Micheal's. I've been talking to Hubby and I have an idea for what I think I would want. Picture a big owl in corresponding room colors with Miss Mia's name on the bottom. This project will take help from the Hubby who is MUCH more artistic than I am. He has already sketched it out and it will be beautiful!

July-Homemade pesto- with the summer comes the herb garden and so much basil! I have wanted to make homemade pesto for years. Every summer I say that I am going to make it and then usually get some from a friend. This year, I am going to make my own, and freeze extra to have in the winter months!

August-Sock monkey- I have seen these everywhere & really want to make one. We have quite a few friends expecting kids in early August & I think a sock monkey is a great gift idea!

September- Craft Space- Right now all of my craft supplies are in big boxes in my closet. It is quite the challenge to get everything out when I need to hem something or make a quilt baby blanket for one of Miss Mia's "babies." I'm not sure where this is going to happen but I have some ideas. Love these ideas that could just be somewhere in a corner!

October- T-shirt quilt- This is of my father-in-law holding his Christmas quilt from his mother. He is Michigan State grad and she made him this t-shirt quilt for Christmas. (Word has it, our family is in for a Texas Tech version! woo hoo!) I have seen these before and loved the idea, especially for the special shirts that I don't wear anymore, like those from high school. I graduated from a small school where everyone participated in virtually everything. I have state cross-country shirts and basketball playoff shirts that are sitting in boxes in my parents house. My brother is the same. So I've been working with my mom to get big brothers football and basketball shirts from his golden days and turn them into a scrapbook quilt. Very excited! Mom is also excited, in that I have 5 boxes of shirts as does big brother...that is 10 boxes folks that are cluttering up her closet!

November- Crocheted Blanket- this blanket is destined for Miss Mia's 4th birthday! Its a tiny bit ambitious b/c there is a tiny flaw- I don't know how to crochet! Oops...But I bought some DIY books at Half Priced Books and have a tutor. The idea is to make the basic design & add extra white around the edge every year. Very excited to get started.

December- Christmas stockings for the family- I have a stash of vintage pillowcases and fabric that have a holiday flare. I have yet to use them but think that I want to make Christmas stockings for the family. The past few Christmases we have had some fairly generic store bought stockings that matched our tree skirt. We changed out the skirt this year and the stockings need to follow!

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AshleyAnn said...

What a great idea....and I am honored my calendar made the cut!