Saturday, November 14, 2009

Backyardigans Birthday..

Today marked Miss Mia's 2nd birthday party. When we asked her who could come to her party, her first reply was "Mymone." (Translation: Tyrone, the Backyardigan Moose) So we went searching for all party items Backyardigans..and found quite a bit!

We all woke up rather early this morning for last minute party prep. Mia thought some of the Backyardigans needed she tended to that part!

Here is all the Backyardigans with her delicious cake! It was chocolate with vanilla butter cream yummy! Everyone had seconds!
The whole set up! Backyardigans coming from the ceiling!
These balloons were the hit of the party!
A close up of some of the garland. I took pictures of Mia these past 2 years and made a time line of milestones. On each clip, I wrote a small caption. Loved how it came out.
Miss Mia with her party shirt and party hat on! The shirt was a cute custom made piece, complete with the Backyardigans peeking around her '2'.
Mia and her BFF Drew-Drew eating some cake and ice cream. She was more excited to have him at her house than anything else!
Opening Drew's present. He bought her some bath toys and jewelry. He already knows how to treat her! = )
So many presents!
When it was all over, she sat in the middle of floor with all her loot. She got baby dolls, books, DVDs, baby stroller, jewelry, outfits, cozy coupe, and os much more. What a lucky and loved little girl. I can't belive that she is already 2. Where did the time go?

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