Monday, January 19, 2009

Texas, Our Texas

Both my hubby and I are Texans. For those who have never lived there, we, like most Texans we know, take our heritage seriously. Everything is bigger in Texas, everything is better in Texas, etc. Since we relocated to Oklahoma for my Ph.D work we have determined just how much we missed certain aspects of Texas. The number one missed thing, however, is GOOD Mexican food!

My sweet, sweet hubby surprised me on Friday with a quick weekend trip to Fort Worth before I start up at school again. So fantastic.

We stayed in a great hotel, complete with two rooms, great sofa, amazingly comfortable beds, and a 42" plasma TV. (You see why he picked the location now?)

But the best part, the hotel was really cheap! (under $90!) The other hidden bonus about the TV was that it was within walking distance to a fabulous Italian restaurant, Italianni's.

Once he told me we were going, I quickly began looking for coupons for fun things to do. In Allen, there is a great outlet mall. And if you have small kids, or really like animals, Fort Worth has one of the top five zoos in the country. Luckily I found great coupons for all kinds of activities in the metroplex, including the zoo!

The Zoo was so great. Mia loved all the animals and people watching. Her favorite part, however, was getting to go inside the bird sanctuary and feed them. I did not want to do in, as I have a slight fear of them pecking my eyes out! She was fearless! Put her hand out for them to land on her!! I'm very proud of her being a little daredevil.
After the zoo, I had to hit my favorite grocery store ever...HEB Central Market! After we purchased some yummy food, we then hit the outlet stores in Allen. I had gotten a Coach purse for X-mas, but needed to return it as I am very picky about my purses. Luckily the nice Coach people were so sweet and let me take it back. So I found one that I LOVED, and by taking the other one back, I only had to spend $30! I love thirty dollars for a Coach purse!!

Then we hit a few more stores & then headed back home. In the meantime, however, we went grabbed some Mexican food, and got extra salsa & tortillas to bring back to Oklahoma. Mia slept the entire three hours home! Such a wonderful trip!

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Anonymous said...

I, too, am a Texan living in OK. I'm sure by now you've discovered Ted's Mexican Restaurant, but just in case, I thought I'd mention it. We couldn't make it here without it! :) BTW, I'm up in Edmond.