Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hiking we will go...

We love to hike. Before Mia was born, the hubby and I would go hiking at least twice a month. We were very lucky to have 2 beautiful canyons within 2 hours driving time as well in West Texas. We've hiked every trail (and some not so much trails that we made into ones) in Palo Duro Canyon and all of the Caprock Canyon State Park Trails. (Brief note- Caprock Canyon was our favorite due to no one really knowing or ever being there--since the biggest city to it is Turkey!) Even when I was pregnant, we hiked. We did not do any difficult trails, but still hiked and kayaked. Since the munchkin's birth most hiking and all kayaking came to a halt. But now that she's older we decided to give it a shot and see how she did.

We decided to try Roman Nose State Park. It's not too far from Norman, gas was well under $3 a gallon last weekend, and the park is totally FREE!

Mia and Dave going up the trail.

To say that Mia loved the hike is such an understatement. She swung her legs and squealed with delight the ENTIRE time. She also saw a few donkeys, one of which the owners let her sit on and she found his coarse hair quite fascinating .

We also decided that since we were going where there was a pretty lake, we would take a few big blankets and have a picnic. It was perfect. I brought one of the many books I had to read for this week with me and read while Mia played with leaves and our water bottles.

We got home and Mia was very tired--but then I saw a package waiting for our arrival---it was her TUTU!
Someday these pictures will be used against her---I see a Senior collage or Wedding slideshow already in the works!!

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